About Gracemakeover

Gracemakeover has been founded to give the fundamentals of beauty makeup artistry, providing the newest techniques and trends of beauty industry in our full and express courses of professional makeup. Only qualified instructors who are actively working in beauty industry are teaching in our Academy. While composing our courses we are making all possible to provide the best experience and education quality for each student. Our makeup courses includes professional training, specialty makeup classes and workshops for all levels: from beginners to experienced artists.

Gracemakeover is a Contemporary Make-up and Hair styling international train­ing cen­ter. Center spe­cial­izes in teach­ing its stu­dents an inten­sive and inter­ac­tive cur­ricu­lum to pre­pare pro­fes­sional makeup artists and hair styl­ists ready to be employed in the beauty indus­try around the world.

Professional approach of our train­ers allows our stu­dents to receive all nec­es­sary and com­pul­sory knowl­edge of Makeup Theory that includes: color wheel the­ory and color com­bi­na­tions, iden­ti­fy­ing appro­pri­ate makeup and color schemes accord­ing to the face/eyes shapes and skin conditions/undertones. Application of the appro­pri­ate cos­metic pro­duct based on the skin type/condition.

We are glad to offer our train­ing curriculum/course for the begin­ners as well as advanced makeup artists who would like to upgrade their skills to the next level and be up to date with the lat­est trends and tech­niques.